BB Green Hydra Cocktail Moisturizing Bath & Shower Wash 480ml

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Get your glow on!

  • Cleanses the skin with a soft foam, leaving a marvelous sensation of wellbeing. Suitable for all types of skin.


  • Massage on damp skin and rinse thoroughly.


contains high amounts of beta-carotene and other health boosting compounds such as Vitamins A and C, minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium that help to maintain skin health.

•Beta-carotene is converted to Vitamin A that assists in skin tissue repair
•Vitamin C is renowned for clarifying skin tone. Vitamin C is also vital to the formation of Collagen, an essential component of human structure and function
•Vitamin C also works to regenerate oxidised Vitamin E, another essential for healthy skin


contains an abundance of benefits to skin health.

•Vitamin A encourages skin regeneration
•Vitamin C is vital to Collagen formation, the connective tissue that forms the structural framework of skin
•An abundance of folic acid aids cell regeneration
•Melon extract also reduces skin inflammation and assists in healing
•Melons have excellent moisturising and energising properties

 with organic certification


is rich in Vitamins and minerals and it is excellent for use on all skin types, but especially if your skin is damaged from environmental conditions such as UV.

•Rich in vitamin A to soothes and softens your skin
•Vitamin C, an antioxidant that can help to remedy damage produced by free radicals
•Carotenoids are protective antioxidants that may assist in reversing UV damage and improve skin texture
•Potassium, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc and Iron found in pumpkin all help to promote healthy skin  by protecting cell membranes and maintaining collagen and promoting skin renewal
•B Vitamins, including niacin and folate, helps fight blemishes, improve circulation and cellular renewal


  • 97%


  • 480 ML


1. 100% Vegan

2. Formulas with 90%-97% natural ingredients:
    a. For us, natural means everything from plants and from mineral salts not obtained by synthesis
    b. Process water is not included in the claculation. The natural ingredients are given as a
        percentage of the total ingredients
    c. The calculation includes all the surfactants with an organic part of plant origin

3. Nickle tested; Nickel present in less than 1 part in a million

4. No parabens, paraffin, OGM, SLES, SLS

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