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Our Range of Hair Dryers Explained

These days there are so many feature packed hair dryers on the market it can sometimes be a little confusing knowing which one is best for you. Most people look for the same 3 or 4 key features in a new hairdryer and, surprisingly, they’re quite basic!

Above all else consumers want their hair dryer to dry their hair quickly with the minimum of hair damage. The other features that consumers find most important include ease of use, comfort and they want their hair dryer to be lightweight too.

For many people, all those extra special features and technology and are a bit of a mystery so let’s run through them so you know what they do.


What is Ionic, Ceramic, and Tourmaline?



Ionic technology claims to dry your hair quicker while retaining its moisture and keeping it free of static and frizz. It does this by using negatively charged ions that are created by passing air over an electrical current.



Ceramic technology is also aimed at protecting hair from frizz and damage but, unlike ionic technology, it achieves this through even heat distribution and control.



Tourmaline technology is similar to ionic technology in that it too claims to generate negative ions that speed up drying while reducing static.


Other features to look for in a hair dryer


Heat and air flow settings

Having separate controls for fan speed and heat settings will give you more flexibility and control.


Cool Shot

If your hairdryer has a cool shot button then it can provide a burst of cool air, which is claimed to be useful for setting a style in place and achieving better hold.



The switches on your hair dryer should be ergonomically positioned so they are easy to operate while using your hairdryer. Whether you choose sliding switches or rocker switches is largely down to personal preference.


Size and Weight

Small lightweight hairdryers tend to be much more popular as they are easier to use for longer periods of time and have the added benefit of traveling well too.



A concentrator is designed for spot-drying and controlled styling, which it does by narrowing and concentrating the airflow to where you want it.


Diffuser or Volumiser

Diffusers with short fingers are designed to dry curly hair by spreading the airflow to prevent frizz.

Volumisers are diffusers with longer fingers and are designed to add volume to all types of hair by directing heat to the roots.


Whether you want to invest in a top of the range professional dryer, a mid-market salon-grade hair dryer or buy a hair dryer on a limited budget we have a great a range of models to suit your hair care regime and budget.



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