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Color Club Gel 15ml - Hot-Hot-Hot Pants

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Gel Nail Systems


Gel nails are known for their durability and can provide up to 3 weeks of chip-free, high-gloss wear. Beautiful and long lasting, if you are looking to have your favourite manicure last as long as possible, nail gel systems are ideal for beginners and experienced nail technicians alike. 


Types of nail gel systems


Gel lacquer nail polish 

Gel lacquer nail polish is thicker in texture than regular nail polish and is long lasting and hard to chip. Available in a broad range of rich, fashionable colours, their lasting protection and incredible shine makes them a favourite with nail artists and enthusiasts.


Gel primer

Gel primer is specifically formulated to prepare nails for maximum product adhesion with a super absorbent underlay that acts as a magnet to your gel colour. 


Gel base coat 

Gel base coat provides the ideal foundation for your gel manicure by helping to level out any ridges or unevenness in the nail to mask imperfections and create a smooth surface for even gel application.


Gel top coat 

Gel top coat seals in your new gel colour to provide a durable, chip-resistant finish that boosts shine and gloss to help protect nails. 


What to look for in a good nail gel system


The best gel lacquer nail polishes offer a huge variety of intensely pigmented, extreme shine formulas in a range of classic, bold and on-trend colours. Long lasting and easy to remove, look for polishes formulated without DBP, formaldehyde and toluene that are also cruelty-free. High-quality nourishing, vitamin-infused treatments protect and condition nails. 


Tips for applying nail gel systems


  1. Ideally you want to stick to a nail gel system by ensuring that you use the same brand’s primer, base, colour and top coat. Mixing and matching products can lead to a range of problems resulting in nail damage. 
  2. By taking your time with every step from nail preparation to polish application you will save time in the long run since you will not have to fix slip-ups afterwards. 
  3. Always apply a primer for gel nails before the base coat in order to ensure that the polish will last as long as possible. 
  4. Start your gel manicure by prepping the colour with a slow turn, roll and twirl for gentle pigment mixing that eliminates bubbles. 
  5. When applying light or sheer colours use three thin coats of gel polish rather than two thick coats that can run onto the cuticles.
  6. Its important to note that gel nail systems require a UV light to adequately dry the gel – Gel nails won’t dry on their own.
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