No Shine Bonding Weft Tape Card 120pc

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Instructions for Hair Extension Tape Tabs


  • First, pick out the area where you want the extension and make a straight part. The part should be about 2 inches wide.
  • Go below your initial part about 1/8” and make another one. This will leave you with an 1/8” strip of hair.
  • Pull an Extension Tab off your sheet and stick it to your hair weft.
  • Once it's secure to your hair weft go ahead and pull off the two liner pieces so it will be ready to apply.
  • Place the hair weft right up under your track of hair with the sticky side towards you. Then you will pull the 1/8” track of hair down onto the adhesive.
  • Press the hair into the adhesive a few times.


Important: you need to make sure any hair that isn't firmly stuck to the adhesive gets pulled back up and out of the way. These loose hairs will cause the Hair Extension to come out sooner.

  • Now grab your second extension piece and press it firmly into place, so the hair is sandwiched in between the two of them. Press the two pieces firmly together many times.

Note: Make sure the alignment is PERFECT so it doesn't become messy later on.

  • Now that they are sandwiched together you can cut and style the extension.

Helpful Tips To Maintain Your Extensions

  • Tape in extensions should be removed and re-taped every 4-6 weeks.
  • Do not wash hair extensions for 72 hours after application. When conditioning your hair extensions, gently work the conditioner through your mid-lengths and ends, AVOIDING the scalp area.
  • Do not brush your hair extensions when wet. When brushing your extensions support the hair with one hand at the root to remove tension. Start brushing at the ends, and work your way up. Do not brush at the roots!
  • One of the most important things is washing. Keeping your hair clean is very important. Hair tangles when it's dirty so don't forget to wash as needed. Make sure to use a mild shampoo in order to protect your locks. Ask your hairstylist for advice on which product you should use for your extensions. Brush your hair gently to untangle it before washing.

How to Style

  • The biggest enemy of extensions is heat! Therefore, it is advisable to avoid blow drying as much as possible in order to ensure a long hold for your extensions. Avoid direct heat on the bond at all times. I have 100% human extensions in my hair and I am using our No-Shine Extension Tabs. I use a curling iron and flat iron daily and have never had a problem with my tape giving, but I do not put the heat directly on the bond.
  • Wash your hair with gentle shampoo and lukewarm water. Then use a conditioner and let it air dry. To prevent matting and knots, make sure your hair is thoroughly dry before you go to bed.


  • Salt and chemically treated water will alter the pH levels of the bonds which compromises their adhesion, possibly causing them to fall out. Additionally, sea, pool, or spa water strips the treatments applied to the hair wefts dramatically reducing their life, or permanently damaging them. It’s advisable that if you choose to go to the beach or a pool tie your hair up or wear a swim cap to keep your extensions dry.

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