The emerging clean beauty trend

How to live a healthy life? Today, people try to make healthy food choices. Likewise, they want to take control of what they put on their skin. Consumers are looking for transparency. Many apps give easy to understand information on products, and track harmful ingredients. Thanks to Laboratoires Kisby's rich heritage and knowledge of plants and botanicals, all their products are made with safe, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients.

Christian Lenart was a Parisian apothecary’s son and a brilliant biologist whose passion for nature led him to become a specialist Herbalist.

In 1960, entirely convinced by the beneficial effects of plants and how they influence human health he marketed his first floral waters under the Christian Lenart brand. Over the years, Christian Lenart’s researchers have preserved the tradition to provide consumers with natural, efficient and innovative cosmetics and well-being products.

The products harness the power of organic plant, flower, and fruit extract to stimulate cellular renewal and assist in reinforcing the skin's natural defence mechanisms. Traditional distillation processes harness and then optimise the active ingredients from plants, flowers, and fruits to efficiently deliver full benefits to the skin.

The blue bottles protect the product’s active ingredients from external degradation (UV light for example) to ensure high performance to the last drop.

The brand’s most famous products, “Floral Waters”, are in fact lotions, not waters, that contain the distilled concentrated natural active principles recommended for skin care.

-Obtained through water vapor distillation: After inserting the aromatic plants, flowers or fruits into a traditional distillation system, the whole contents are then heated. Under the effect of this heat, the aromatic components of the plants – the active principles – are carried away with the water vapor, condensed and collected in a sedimentation tank. The distillate obtained is composed of solubilised essential oil to create the floral lotion.

Christian Lenart meets a global demand for high performing, natural skin and body care products that are free from potentially harmful chemicals. The product selection represents a great choice for people seeking high performing, natural alternatives for face and body products and daily skincare regimens.

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